Limited Liability Company
Commercial Firm "Alliance Ukraine"

It is a distributor of food and household chemicals in Ukraine, an importer of goods from all over the world.
We carry out delivery and sale of goods from A to Z, we provide logistic services.
In our work we always focus on quality and efficiency, so we do not just serve our customers, but we develop complex solutions. Each time we focus on creating profitable, transparent conditions for cooperation for all parties and use an individual approach for each client and his needs.
Our company has modern, automated warehouses, which creates an ideal storage environment. Thanks to the use of The fastest routes and operational work of the team, delivery to any point is nice, and therefore saves you time.
One of the main advantages of "СF "Alliance Ukraine" is its financial strength and stability, which indicates a high level of reliability. We are the official importer of Diplona TM and Torku TM. Also, a lot of domestic manufacturers trust us with their brands. That is why the company boasts a large and truly quality portfolio of goods.
Among our partners are such leading trade networks as Silpo, Foxtrot, Eldorado, Furshet, Auchan, ECO Market, Lotto and many others.
Being a distributor of “food” and “no-food” goods and having extensive experience in the market, we do not stop there, and grow rapidly and continuously. 
Also "CF "Alliance Ukraine" LLC has its own trademarks: «Yarytsya», «Barva», «Svit zatyshku»,
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